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Visualize Your Way To The Perfect You – Weight Loss


Hello All,

The video sharing for today is a visualization / meditation.  Our minds are incredibly powerful especially when we are clear of what we want out of our experience.  This meditation is structured around getting clear on your ideal body.  Getting a clear picture of what you want in your ideal state of health is the first step in getting your actions in line with your thoughts to acheive that picture in reality.

The meditation is 20:00 minutes long and is very easy to get through as Jon Gabriel’s voice is so soothing.  I really enjoyed listening to this meditation and it really does help in painting a clear picture.  Sometimes it is easy to just say I want to be fit, but you never really take the time to map out what that would look like and in the beginning it is a stuggle, but when you have it there you are.

I highly recomend this to anyone who is interested in weight loss and or getting more fit. I hope you enjoy it…

Job Gabriel has many more meditations and you can get them on his site.  You can find him at www.mindbodygreen.com




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