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She Has A Unique Way To Stay Lean Without Counting Calories Or Macros. It That Possible?


Hey guys, this is a video vlog for those of you who live an on the go lifestyle and yet want to stay lean, but don’t want to bother counting calories or tracking macros. This way of doing things will give you more flexibility on your schedule when it comes to traveling or having fun with friends.

This system is unique to Natasha, as you will see in the video, but you can implement this by listening to your own body and tweaking macros and calories based on how you feel, this means you don’t have to be enslaved to a particular way of doing things. This has worked for her and hopefully, you can develop your own method to stay lean as well.

The system of tracking and counting macros is excellent in the beginning stages of your fitness. It helps in learning about food and specifically your diet, you’re going to want to know which food is helpful in your training.

Once that beginning stage is over it’s time to give yourself some flexibility and that’s what this video assist you with. It’s a fun video. Check it out and don’t take it too seriously even though, there are plenty to of nuggets here for everyone.



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