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Awesome Fruit Salad Bursting With Flavor


Hello All,

My previous post got me thinking about how much I love fruit and I wanted to add a delicious, but simple fruit salad recipe for all to enjoy.  I especially like to enjoy fruit salad when the weather is hot and all the different fruits are in season just bursting with vitamins and nutrients.

If you are checking out this post I have a feeling you feel the same way too…



awesome fruit salad




Splash of orange juice

splash of lemon juice

1 teaspoon vanilla

Half of one pineapple

1 bunch of strawberries – sliced

two kiwi’s  – sliced and fuzzy hair removed

three bananas  – sliced

a couple of oranges – peeled and cut into bit sized peices

sprinkle of honey



1.) Have a large bowl ready and as you prep each fruit toss it into the bowl and continue until you have all the fuit added.

2.) Once everything has been added, gently mix the fruit to allow all the different juices to be combined.

3.) According to your taste sprinkle in a little honey which helps to bring out even more juices, and allow it to sit a little

4.) This dish is best served chilled, but if you are like me it won’t make it that long before it is completely comsumed…  Enjoy


picture provided by: www.kitchme.com



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